George, the Brittany


George was born on 5th June 2008, a tricolour Brittany spaniel, his Kennel club name was Domino Reethdale.

He attended the excellent Braintree and District dog training Association ( every week for a year until he passed The Kennel Club’s Bronze Test ‘Good Citizen Dog Scheme’. Below is a description of the Brittany that pretty well sums George up;

“Brittanys were developed in the Brittany province of France in the 19th century. They are a gun dog bred primarily for bird hunting and noted for being easy to train and sweet-natured. Although the Brittany is often referred to as a Spaniel, the breed's working characteristics are more akin to a pointer or setter. Brittanys are all around sound dogs, as they are excellent family pets as well as working dogs in the field. They are eager to please, friendly, and sometimes sensitive dogs, they are great with kids. Brittanys are energetic dogs, and need at least an hour of rigorous exercise every day. The Brittany makes an ideal companion for an active owner.”






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